Words from the Wise
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Posts and Articles from the Sage and Savvy

  • "Project Management's Three Ring Circus", by Ronin's colleague Robert MacGregor of Koyana, Inc was presented to the Toronto XP Group this Fall. Learn how to deal with the "domain of disorder" and discover who has the truth. I had the privilege of talking with Robert about a number of topics last week, including his insights into project management. Exciting work being done up north!
  • "Open Data Standards: Why You Should Care" , by Ronin's colleagues Mark Linne (Core Realty Advisors, LLC) and John Cirincione (JVI Appraisal Division, LLC).  A must-read for anyone who deals with real estate data.  Especially noteworthy:  the section on "The Emergence of Consensus", which explains how the OGC, MISMO and OSCRE are working together to "facilitate the development and acceptance of standards throughout real estate".  Who is missing from this picture? RETS.  Through 2007 RETS had a related standards effort in place but leadership since that time has not been interested.  I think it's past time RETS reached out again.