Groovy and Grails
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Frame of Mind

As our tagline says, we like to work smarter.  It saves us time, and saves our clients money.  Part of our strategy for working smarter has been to embrace frameworks:  Struts, Velocity, Tiles, Hibernate, Spring, to name a few.  Back in 2000 I even participated in developing a business process framework with a web flow called "the Cleveland framework", that went on to become the Oracle MVC framework.

In 2006 we discovered not only a new framework but a new paradigm:  the one-two punch of Groovy and Grails.

Feelin' Groovy

Grails leverages the concepts of Ruby on Rails (convention over configuration, don't repeat yourself, full stack), is built on the shoulders of giants (Hibernate and Spring) and has a simply astounding of available plugins.

We have a wealth of Java libraries, consisting of code we built and industrial-strength open source tools.  Suddenly, there was Groovy, acting as a rapid development platform to create new applications out of these components.  The reduction in code noise was amazing.  We began using Groovy every day - not just for its seamless integration with Java, but to perform all sorts of quick tasks around our projects. 

Using Groovy and Grails, we can deliver applications in 1/3 the time it would take using pure Java programming and "traditional" frameworks.  We can leverage Groovy's unit testing framework (built on jUnit) to quickly create a test suite for existing Java applications.  With Groovy and Grails we can provide rapid prototyping for new concepts.

The products featured on our site were built using Groovy and Grails.  Performant and affordable, they harness the power of legacy Java libraries and can run on any platform. 

Get Your Groove On

If you would like Ronin Technologies to work smarter on your project using Groovy and Grails, contact us here.