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RETS Genie®

NORMLS’ RETS Genie® was built to adapt to the changing needs of the MLS market.   At its most basic, RETS Genie® provides an MLS with a simplified data management platform.  However, the system can serve as a single source for multiple solutions.  One solution is that of an MLS sharing data among or on behalf of its members.  The system can also be used to incorporate data from new boards into the MLS, to perform data sharing between MLSs, or for collection and integration of data at a regional or state level. A large brokerage may use the system to integrate RETS feeds and share data among its offices, or to feed back office applications.  Agents could use the system to send fliers and reports to current and prospective customers.   
NORMLS and Ronin created a system whose goal was not to simply satisfy the existing data exchange and syndication needs but to use the RETS Standard as one of the building blocks for discovering new applications for information exchange across the real estate value chain.
For more information or to schedule a demonstration of RETS Genie®, contact Carl DeMusz.

CREDS™ - not just another RETS Server

Today's RETS Servers are designed to serve an important, but limited, functionality.  Instead of building another RETS Server, we designed the Core Real Estate Data Service (CREDS™) to provide a common, extensible foundation for data access. And yes, it also talks RETS.

CREDS™ has the following capabilities:

  • Logical Modeling
  • Data Access - native access to relational, web service, file-based legacy and pre-packaged application data sources
  • Security - rule-based security policies for data
  • Auditing - configure to record "who, what, where,when" for all information-service usage
  • Caching - maximize data-retrieval performance
  • Metadata Management
  • Admin Console - web-based console for improved operational management for data mapping, security and metadata
CREDS™ is deployed with a RETS 1.5 and 1.7.2 interface.  Custom interfaces come in all shapes and sizes...CREDS™ can be configured to support ATOM, RSS and web services such as RETS2.
If you want to be an early adopter of RETS technology - such as syndication or data sharing schemas - CREDS can make this possible, too.
Email us for more information about CREDS™.


GRETA (GroovyRETsApplication) is a scriptable, desktop RETS download client for data and media.   Whether you need hourly bulk downloads for your IDX site, or real-time data access for the power-user with custom queries, GRETA makes RETS simple.

At the MLS level, we can work with you to create custom download profiles for your users - and RETS access becomes as easy as typing "greta run".

For brokers, we can work with you to go beyond bulk downloads and create real-time reports.  

Stop trying to interpret the RETS specification and start tapping into the power of RETS today with GRETA.

GRETA is compatible with RETS 1.5 and 1.7.2 servers.

Email us for more information about GRETA.