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Since 1999, RETS, sponsored by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), has been helping Agents, Brokers, MLSs and other participants in the real estate transaction exchange information using a common protocol. Paula O'Brien is currently serving a two-year term on the RESO Board of Directors.

The principles of Ronin Technologies have been involved in RETS community since 2000, deploying enterprise B2B and B2C RETS solutions for brokers, associations, and third party vendors, while also working at the behest of NAR to move the standard forward.  Our work for NAR includes reference implementations, the creation of a compliance program for clients and servers, and the development of a domain model for real estate.
We co-authored the RETS2 Service specification, adopted by the RETS community in August 2006.  RETS2 was designed to expand the scope of RETS from listings to embrace the larger Real Estate Transaction Lifecycle with a more robust and flexible architecture. Paula is Chair of the RETS Compliance Workgroup, an elected position she has held since she and Bruce Toback created the RETS Compliance program in 2003.
In addition to the RETS products found on our producs page, we provide many RETS-related services. For MLS's, we have provided RETS migration, data conversion and data sharing services.  RETS integration is a popular service for MLS's, brokers and third party vendors...we can integrate RETS into the application of your choice, using data mapping and transformation to create a middleware that moves data effortlessly across applications.
If you would like help in making RETS part of your enterprise Real Estate solution, contact us at Ronin Technologies today.

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