Declaration Of Incorporation

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When in the course of a programmer's career it becomes necessary to castoff the shackles that have bound them to their Dilbert-esque leadership and assume the powers of software development among themselves, to practice the higher laws of service-oriented and component architectures and provide clients with greater value for their money, it becomes necessary to incorporate.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that NOT all programmers and software are created equal; that working smarter is better than working harder; and that truly great software is endowed by its developers with certain unalienable qualities.

Among those are practicality, adaptability, accessibility and usability. To secure these qualities, Ronin Technologies has instituted itself among this business community, deriving its powers from the consent of its clients. Wherever any engagement is not in the mutual best interest of both parties, it is the right of the client or consultant to alter and abolish it. We design our solutions on such principles and frameworks as shall ensure the success and happiness of our clients.

Our experience has shown that clients are more disposed to suffer poor quality software than to right themselves by abolishing those contracts to which they are accustomed. However, when a long train of abuses and poor software design reduces clients to suffer under the absolute despotism of high hourly rates for no return, then it is their duty to throw off such consultants.

Ronin Technologies will provide these clients with integrated business solutions for their future concerns. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

  1. The gathering of proper requirements are most necessary for the good of the client.
  2. The project exists for the good of the client, not the whim of the consultant.
  3. It is better to follow a proven standard than to roll your own.
  4. Reuse is good. It is better to refactor than rewrite.
  5. Waterfalls are beautiful in nature but rarely work in software projects.
  6. We don't argue for our limitations...every problem has a solution.
  7. Assigning superfluous project managers to projects harasses clients and eats up the budget. Our clients spend money for substance.
  8. Success is measured not by the number of butts in seats at a client site, but by providing the right solution for a client's need.
  9. Communication of intent is a cornerstone of a successful software development project.

Declaration of Incorporation