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Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool I am Paula O'Brien, and I have been involved with RETS since 1999, developing early adopter technology around the 0.9 version at the largest broker in NE Ohio. Beginning in 2002, I was contracted by Dale Stinton (then CIO) to assist NAR in RETS adoption through the creation of tools such as reference implementations for RETS servers and clients. In 2003, Bruce Toback and I created the RETS compliance testing program. I have served RETS as chairperson of compliance from that time through the present.

As a thought leader in the RETS community, I have advocated decoupling transport from payload, extending RETS to support uses beyond bulk listing downloads, and to outreach to other real estate standards bodies. Much of my outreach and research is reflected in the concepts expressed in the 2006 RETS2 specification, which I co-authored.

As a long-time developer of both client and server-side RETS, I have unique insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the standard. I have a history of getting things done, and I am a team player who has served on workgroups and participated in projects with many members of the RETS community and current BOD.

If elected, I will continue my commitment towards developing a tactical and strategic roadmap for RETS, and ensuring that this roadmap is followed and progress is reported to the community. Our biggest technical challenge is future-proofing our current standard, so we have a solid core RETS that can be extended without breaking backward-compatibility each time it is versioned. It is time to jumpstart our standard and get things moving again - the standard has sat idle for nearly 3 years and Web 2.0 has passed us by. What else are we missing out on if we continue to stand by?

It is an honor to be nominated. Please vote for me - help me help you make RETS a standard we are all proud of, where all your voices matter.

Paula O'Brien
Business Integration Specialist
Ronin Technologies
5:15 pm | link

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